I'm crazy, but I'm serious. I'm sentimental, but I'm, like, really hard, too. I just want people to understand that I have all these sides inside me.

All-powerful is a woman who doesn't need to be beautiful, but she has so much attitude that she is marvellous, she is powerful.

I'm not concerned at all to have a number one song or a top 10 or top 50 or top whatever.

Even if things are not going well for you... just stay in the positive way of thinking.

When I make music, I always try to do more than make a song that makes people dance and have fun. I try to send a message or give a reason for people to discuss it further.

I love snakes.

Singing in a different language is a challenge, but 'Will I See You' was so much fun to create.

I'm not afraid of anything. I do what I want.

I'm just a really hardworking person.

There's no right way to be a woman; there's only a right way to be a human, which is to have respect for others.

I think most of my success is my dedication, not my talent.

I used to tell my family that I was going to be a singer since I learned how to talk.

I love all Balvin songs, and 'Mi Gente' and 'Despacito' got No. 1 all over the world in Spanish.

I think music is a great way of helping people to get to know a country's culture.

I like everything that challenges me.

To get rid of my cellulite, I'd have to go on a diet. I don't want to do that; I want to eat. If I want a hamburger, I'll have one.

All my dreams that I had, I've fulfilled.

I've been managing myself for some time now, and after accomplishing many goals here in Brazil, I knew it was time to make new contacts and do bigger things on an international level.

My life... I'm really happy with what I've got. If I get more things, I will be happy, but if not, I won't be frustrated.

Nobody is totally white in Brazil.

I had been wanting to peel back the layers of who I am for so long, but I felt like I needed to prove how solid my work is first.

I don't think I have the best voice ever.

I'm a very complex person. I have different people inside me, but it's still me.

I used to think that success was being the number one, being everywhere, being the star, and nowadays, I think that success is to make big things happen.

I may have my diva moments, but I don't want to get to where I'm considered untouchable.

I've been with Rita Ora in the studio doing a song of hers. She's amazing. She's a sweetheart.

I come from the ghetto in Brazil, where we don't have a lot of career opportunities, so I'm sure my family and people who live there never imagined that one day I'd become a singer and be able to perform at an event like the Olympics.

When I want to have this teenage but funny way to be, I think about Ariana Grande.

I've had a lot of plastic surgery, and I'm completely honest about it.

I would love to sing with Drake, but this is not a reality. I hope it becomes one!

I feel so honored that I'm bringing part of the culture of my country to other countries, you know, like the funk music.

People sometimes are afraid to be who they are because of other people's ideals.

When it comes to art, you just need to be focused on doing a great thing. Not thinking all about the business.

Mariah Carey was the first singer I ever listened to.

When I want to be strong, I think of Beyonce, for sure.

I wanted to show everyone that I can be... romantic one day. I can be sexy the other day. I can be crazy. I can be serious. I can be boss. I can be feminist, and I still don't lose my way to be, you know?

I thought I would get to where I wanted to in Brazil when I was about 30, but by 22, I was already doing great.

I used to speak Italian.

Reggaeton is amazing.

My audience, my public, they have their value. They are really important to me.

I wish I knew more languages.

J Balvin is my best friend ever; he is my everything. He is my brother.

Funk is part of who I am.

People are getting more used to another language; that's how I learned English and Spanish. I listened to other singers and tried to sing with them. Of course, I studied it, and I took classes, but music helps me a lot.

What I try to pass on in my work for everyone is that we can be who we want.

I love salsa. I use to take salsa classes when I was a little girl with my mom.

An artist has to know who she is and to be consistent in building her career.