Radamel Falcao


Manchester United is the biggest club in the world and is clearly determined to get back to the top.

Mourinho's a great coach. He is ambitious and a winner.

It's in the DNA of River fans to prefer attractive and technical football with plenty of possession. I noticed that quickly, and I was made aware just how important that was to River fans, and so I tried to adapt with my characteristics and ability.

My best goal was to meet Jesus.

Every footballer wants to play. No one is happy when they are not playing.

River is a fantastic club that goes beyond just football. They offer so many sports and activities within the club. There are schools for young players, and its DNA can be identified by every other club in Argentina.

I think it's the opportunity to continue breaking records, either set by other people or by myself. I think that's what pushes me to always make the most of myself and be very demanding on myself.

I have been fortunate enough to play in some big clubs all over the world and in some important games and win trophies.

I've been trying not to think too much about the rumours of clubs being linked with me.

I have scored many goals with my head, ever since my time with River Plate in Argentina and then after at Porto and Atletico Madrid.

Even I'm a bit surprised with how easily I've adapted to European football.

It is true that I did not shine as I had wanted in England, but that is part of the past.

I was always told that the Premier League would suit my playing style, and England has always attracted me. Ever since I was a child, I always wanted to come here so much so that I learned the language, so I was preparing myself in some way for a future move to England.

You are neither better nor worse than anyone else. I learned at a young age how to maintain this balance.

I am very happy to be joining Chelsea.

I hope to play in Europe one day. It is one of my objectives.

I trusted in God to return to football. I have worked very hard every day to achieve it, and thank God, my work paid off, being able to come back normally, scoring goals.

Chelsea was the most difficult time. In the middle of the season, I already knew that I wouldn't play again, because the club had decided I wouldn't play. It was a frustrating decision because I felt rather good, and I thought that I could contribute something.

For me, it was a dream to play in the Premier League. I always wanted to be here because this league is very good, it has very good teams, and Manchester United is the best team in England.

To win Ligue 1, you have to win each weekend. Every game is important.

Manchester United is a great club. I am very happy to be here, and because of this, I am happy to be patient.

I have watched the Premier League for a long time. There is so much quality, and it is such an exciting league. Of course, it is nice to think I might play in it.

Messi and Ronaldo are certainly the best in the world. They are both unbelievable. I am very happy to be a contemporary of these geniuses.

I am very happy at Monaco, and my wife is happy to live here.

I have fame, and I'm living this life, but sometimes I forget, and I go out to dinner or walk to the movies like nothing's wrong.

My family are comfortable. We're enjoying life in Manchester and here at the club. The people have been great with me, with my family. We're happy and very grateful.

My maternal grandfather was born in Yorkshire in England but was contracted to work for a company who had a base in Colombia. So they moved across to Santa Martre, and they liked it very much. It was a sunny place with beaches and a seafront, so they never went back to England and preferred to stay in Colombia.

Whenever I have the opportunity to come on, I try to do my best for the coach, and I try to help the team.

I had the opportunity to play in the Premier League, and I did.

I would like to score a lot of goals, but the most important thing is to help the team.

It's better to not overthink and let things happen normally instead.

I try not to destabilise myself. People talk a lot, but they also say some positive things, and I try to welcome those messages because they encourage me, and it is what I am looking for.

I haven't forgotten how to play football. But I need to play each weekend.

I'm privileged, and I thank God for the opportunity to play for River.

God makes the impossible possible. I believe in Him.

It's true that I had two different offers from Chinese football, but I stayed in England in order to give myself the opportunity. To go there would have been the easiest way, because it was a great offer, but I wanted to stay.

Chelsea are champions of Europe, and there is not much more to say than that. Even after winning the Champions League, they still go and sign players of the highest quality. Their ambition is clear.

Football runs in my blood, and I did really want to play football.

It is true that one cannot always win, but one must keep working and have faith that in the future, the situation will improve.

I am confident in myself and about my fitness.

I think United is the best club for my style of play, and I am sure about my decision.

I think the best way I can repay the supporters for their kindness towards me, and for all that love, support and appreciation, is to score goals and win trophies for them.

I have always been able to overcome difficulties during my career.

I'm a goal scorer.

If Monaco retain the ambition of winning trophies in France and Europe - and that's why I came here - I will be delighted to stay.

I try to give my all every day at training.

Referees are human beings, and they make mistakes.

Alfredo Morelos is going to be a star for us. When you look at attitude he has and commitment he shows, he's ready to get to the top. He could be a big player for Colombia for years to come.

Everyone is free to express their opinions, but I think that journalists should do it with more responsibility. They lack accuracy.

My aim is to give the best of myself.

I think, when I score, it's always important, and that gives me confidence.

I think it's all about confidence and having a regular run in the team. The rest takes care of itself; a footballer never forgets how to play football, and I'm convinced that game time, matches, was all I needed because, ultimately, no one forgets how to score goals.

I want to win with Monaco. I want to show that I'm 100 percent.

I have English blood running through my veins!

I'm happy to have returned to Monaco.

I do on the field what I know how to do, the same way and with the same passion as always. I give my best, but I have to take things day by day.

If I'd stopped dreaming, I don't think I'd be here; I'd be somewhere else.

I will continue to fight to the end at Manchester United.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion, and I know that my career is up for public judgment, but I also know that in football, things change.

You get injuries, but football is something you have in your blood, in your heart.

Since a very young age, I've dreamt of being a professional soccer player, and from a psychological and mental aspect, I've tried to prepare myself to be a good player.

I hope to stay many years in Manchester United and make history in this club. When I was at Porto and Atletico Madrid, I always wanted to improve to achieve my dream of playing in a team like this.

I have two younger sisters, and during those first four years when I was in Argentina, I wasn't around to see them grow up. It was very hard for all of us because missing out on that period and not seeing them grow up was tough for me.

Diego Costa and Loic Remy are excellent finishers.

Manchester United is a very big club, one of the biggest in the world, and I am so happy to wear the jersey.

I'm a very technical player, a striker who moves around the field a lot. I'm technical, I score lots of goals, and I like to score as many goals as possible. They are my best qualities. I also header the ball very well.

I would not be worried about the physical aspect of the Premier League. I have scored goals in Argentina, Portugal, and now Spain. I am confident I can adapt my game to any league.

When I had to go for surgery, all the country sent positive messages. I was very happy with that, and all I want is to give back some of this happiness I received both with the national team and at my club.