Rajnath Singh


No one can divide the people of India.

If we want to make India strong, we need cooperation of every citizen and develop capability of all Indians.

In 1971, when Prime Minister Indira Gandhi defeated Pakistan, and our leader, A. B. Vajpayee, who was in the Opposition, praised her, and she was credited with the military victory, similarly, why can't Prime Minister Narendra Modi be credited for the Balakot air strike?

We are very clear that we will go to any lengths for the sake of protecting our national pride.

India's Muslims know that India is the only country in the world where Islam's all 72 sects are found. No other nation, not even Muslim countries, have all the 72 sects of Islam.

On women empowerment, no one can challenge the BJP.

Kashmiris are highly talented. So many become IPS and IAS officers. Kashmiris have the potential to lead the nation.

Our saints had said that Earth existed 1.96 million years ago. Earlier, science did not accept this, but later, it had to.

The day corruption charges are levelled against me, I would retire and sit at home.

I can claim with total honesty that no home minister has visited Kashmir as many times as I have.

Law and order is the first and topmost priority.

BJP's ideology doesn't permit discrimination on the basis of caste, sect, or religion. Everyone born in India is equal for us.

No discrimination will be done in India on the basis of Hindu-Muslim.

You cannot do politics by breaking the society into pieces or creating hatred.

It is a cause of grave concern that the cyber world is being exploited by terror groups such as DAESH or ISIS to radicalise the gullible youth of our country.

Safety and security of women and children will determine the well-being and strength of our nations.

We never want to expand our borders... but I can say that our security forces and defence forces possess all the might to protect our borders.

We do not worry about how a sovereign country keeps its relations with others.

Can any nation claim, guarantee, that there will be no terror strike?

We never believe in divisive politics; we always work for an inclusive politics.

Prices always soar when there is a Congress government.

As far as women's security is concerned, our government is committed to the cause.

Kashmiri children are our children... it is our duty to protect them.

Irrespective of the tasks given to me, I have done my best to discharge my duties.

We have adopted a multi-pronged strategy against the attempts to radicalise the youth of the country. On the one hand, we have successfully de-radicalised our youth, and on the other hand, our security agencies have also taken action against certain individuals for their links and association with terror organisations.

Pakistan and its associates find it difficult to understand that there are no 'good terrorists and bad terrorists.'

My view is that politics should be on the basis of issues.

The common man is sick of rising prices, growing corruption, lack of jobs, and on various other counts. They know that the United Progressive Alliance government led by Dr. Manmohan Singh is not capable of delivering, and hence, they want to get rid of this government.

No one will be allowed to misuse our soil.

Poverty should not just be made an issue - there is need to actually work on it.

Terror outfits like ISIS don't believe in a plural society and diversity of faith, which reflects inherent beauty of human beings.

The Kashmir problem is a very old one and has been a major challenge for all governments.

Atalji has done a lot for the country, and so has Modiji.

As a matter of principle, we are opposed to destabilising a stable government, and I believe in the norms of healthy democracy.

A Smart City cannot be imagined without proper recycling.

We have not let injustice to be done to anyone. We have been following the policy of 'justice to all, appeasement of none.'

As far as Government of India is concerned, I want to make it clear that we don't just want need-based ties but to build an emotional relationship with Kashmir.

No, the Ram Mandir issue is not a political one. It is a national and cultural issue. We would like to see a grand Ram temple come up at the place of the birth of Lord Ram in Ayodhya.

Any effort to destabilise any government, taking refuge in one's ideology for promoting violence, conspiring to destabilise and break the country, I feel there cannot be a bigger crime than this.

The prime minister does not represent a particular political party; he is a representative of the whole country.

The government is opposed to all statements/speeches which divide the country on the basis of religion, caste, and creed.

Even small challenges are big challenges for me. I take all challenges seriously. I do not differentiate between big and small challenges.

It is shameful that the working committee of United Nation Security Council has raised serious question on India's ability to fight against terrorism, and the government should take note of it.

Terrorism knows no boundaries and doesn't respect nations' sovereignties.

Appeal for votes should not be made on basis of caste, creed, or communal. In a healthy democracy, this is not expected from any political leader.

Film stars and players can be sources of entertainment but never ideals.

Kashmir is ours, Kashmiris are ours, and Kashmiriyat is also ours.

We must have the approach of 'zero tolerance' against any type of terrorism.

After globalisation, one country can't destabilise another country, as the international community will not forget it.

Don't think our soldiers are weak. Give them a free hand, and no power on the earth can defeat them.

Dialogue can be held with everyone. It is not necessary to be like-minded to hold talks, but it is compulsory to be right-minded.

The people of Kashmir are our people, and we will do everything to ensure they are a part of the process of making India an economic superpower.

We should be working for protecting unity and integrity of the country... We should all strive to maintain a conducive atmosphere among the different communities.

Islamic State is not a threat for any particular country but for the entire world. India is alert about IS.

We need to strengthen basic infrastructure in border areas so that people don't migrate to other places looking for better opportunities.

The no-first-use policy for nuclear weapons was a well thought out stand... We don't intend to reverse it.

Civilisations which get cut off from their traditions and values do not survive for long.

If Pakistan and ISI stop supporting terrorist groups, security situation in South Asia would improve significantly.

Some people are trying to create hatred among Hindus, Muslims, Christians, and Parsis by following the divide and rule trick adopted by British rulers, but they have been failed miserably.

Phone tapping is bad and should not happen.

'Secularism' is the most misused word in the country. Its misuse should come to an end.

Politics should be done by earning love and affection and by winning the hearts.

The Government of India should take all political parties into confidence before arriving at an agreement with Pakistan.

Ours is a party with internal democracy. When we take a collective decision, it is not taken by a few people. It is taken only after serious analysis and wide consultations, in a true and democratic manner.

Arunachal Pradesh was with India, is with India, and will remain with India.

I believe that when it comes to the creation of Sankalp Patra, India in its history has never seen such participation of people.

We have freedom of religion in our country, yet we must guard against forcible conversions or through pecuniary enticements.

Rahul Gandhi has promised to remove poverty and unemployment. There is nothing new about the election promises of Congress. Had only half of those promises been fulfilled, India would have been the most prosperous country in the world today.

I am proud of all Army personnel serving in Siachen who are leaving no stone unturned to defend our motherland.

Inter Services Intelligence-aided sleeper modules within the country are more dangerous than a nuclear bomb.

When I was the BJP president, I had fixed 33% for women in organisational posts. And BJP became the first party, not only in the country but in the world, to introduce women reservation in the organisation.

Christianity's all sects are found only in India.

Justice to all, appeasement of none - our party believes in this.

When knowledge is cut off from traditional values, it becomes disastrous.

Our soldiers in Siachen are performing their duty with great courage and fortitude, even in extreme conditions and treacherous terrain.

India should demand an international watch on ISI.

In our effort to tackle terrorism, we should look into all possible avenues of cyber-crime, its linkages with the terrorist world, and how these could be dealt with.

I would like to say that to mislead the youth is not only deceit but a crime.

There should be whole-hearted, full commitment to remove poverty - only we are doing it.

In our party, for the post of the prime minister or chief minister, there is no race, and nor does anyone stake their claim. Who will be the prime minister or chief minister, either our parliamentary board decides on this or the elected MLAs, in the case of chief minister, and MPs, in the case of the prime minister, select their leader.

We dream of nation-building. We cannot achieve this by fomenting social divisions.

There is a system in BJP as to who would be projected as a chief ministerial candidate or a prime ministerial candidate. The proper forum to take decision is only central parliamentary board.

Those who are not giving up their nefarious activities even in the holy month of Ramzan, should their activities not be called unholy?

India always wants good, friendly relations with its neighbours and continues with its policy of not disturbing anyone. But if someone fires at us first, we will not count the retaliatory bullets.

As we are aware, Indo-China border is undemarcated. We have to be very vigilant while guarding the borders.

If we are to rid ourselves of terrorism, we will have to genuinely believe that attempts to distinguish between 'good' and 'bad' terrorists are misleading.

Caste coalitions will disintegrate in front of good governance.

It is people like Chandrashekhar Azad and Bhagat Singh who should be the ideals.

Today, youths say 'Hi and Bye' even to their parents. Instead, they should touch parents' feet as a mark of respect.

India, being a sovereign state, has the right to decide what kind of nuclear deterrent New Delhi needs in respect of international security perception.

The world over, it was believed that, down the line, India will emerge as a major economy along with U.S. and China.

All have the right to speak, do whatever they want in democracy, but no one will be allowed to destabilise the country or create violence.

I have never, ever in my life practised politics on the basis of caste, sect, or religion.

President or Prime Minister are not any individuals. They are an institutions in itself, and in democracy, we should ensure that the dignity of the institutions is not lowered.

Reservation is a socio-political necessity. Hence, there is a constitutional provision for it.

Every institution has its own dignity, and if people don't respect the dignity of those institutions, it affects the whole system.

Kashmiri people should not get misguided by pro-Pakistani elements and remember that their future is linked to India.

We will not make country great by creating hatred.

I cannot discriminate on the basis of Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christian.

No one can dare cast an evil eye on India.